MMM Prize - Maria Matheidesz Prize Fund (Matheidesz Mária Minőségi Díj)

Maria Matheidesz founded the MMM Prize in 2009 from her own private means in order to support high quality language education in Hungary.

The prize will be awarded for the first time in 2010 to acknowledge innovative, creative ideas and methods in language education. The prize is divided into two categories: teachers of foreign languages and pupils learning foreign languages. Both categories are honoured with one prize each.

The MMM Prize is both a professional acknowledgement and a one-off financial support. The Prize can be applied for once a year. Applications are handled by NYESZE, the Hungarian Association of Language Schools. The applications are reviewed by an advisory board, consisting of Dóra Matheidesz (daughter of Maria Matheidesz), Júlia Sípos (language teacher) and the chairman of NYESZE.

Maria's life passion for languages was the basis for her successful career in language teaching. Already as a young teacher she was very much appreciated. Her innovative and creative methods made her an outstanding teacher, bringing foreign language and its culture closer to the pupils. Her fun methods made learning a language more interesting and efficient. She was popular amongst both pupils and colleagues.

She also published two books on her teaching methods.

Maria Matheidesz specialised in teaching English as a foreign language. She founded a renowned language school, in which she worked as its managing director. Following this she was involved in adult training and was the operations manager of the European Association for Quality Language Services. One of her main initiatives was to set up NYESZE in 1992 to represent high quality language teaching. She was chairman of the association for many years and has always been a devoted supporter.

The MMM Prize fund can be supported by contributions made to the following bank account*.

  • Account number: 10700440-48206503-52100008
  • IBAN: HU39-10700440-48206503-52100008
  • Swift code: CIBHUHB
  • Name of Bank: CIB Bank Zrt
  • Owner of account: Nyelviskolák Szakmai Egyesülete

*contributions do not imply any legal obligations or entitlements.